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What's in season in Winter?

Heya flower friends,

I hope you're all doing well! In NSW we're in our fifth week of lockdown ~ I think, I don't even know anymore ~ with another four weeks to go, that we're aware of. There's so much that's confusing about it all and so much that's certain. One thing I'm struggling with is the divisiveness. We all have our opinions and probably evidence to back up our points but the truth is somewhere in the middle of all opinions and theories etc. I was taught to that differing opinions were ok and that we can all learn something new, but there's no excuse for bullying of any form. There may be reasons for it, but definitely no excuses. I know that my mental health has been struggling with situations as they are and to add all this on top of it does no one any good. I've noticed other people share the same sentiments and having to take social media breaks because it's beginning to take its toll. I know I've had to scale back a little too.

But I'm here today with some floral goodness. Nature helps me immensely! We drove down to the beach to walk along the water and I felt so good! Whether it's a bunch of flowers, putting your feet on the earth or a walk outside, nature is healing and I think we're all starting to understand this better. This week for #APRflowerEd I'm sharing five gorgeous flowers that are in season at the moment.

Click the image below to watch my video or keep scrolling to get the same information :).

Flowers in season:


One of my favourite flowers because they smell amazing and I love to dry them. If you need something to calm or relax you, this flower is the one for you. Especially if you can get a hold of homegrown. There are many types of lavender English, French, Spanish and so on and they look different. Colours can range from bluey purple, to pink white. But not all types of lavender have those colours. They have a long vase life of about 10 days but you can take them out of water at any point to hang them up and dry.


A beautiful and interesting flower that will stick around through Spring and come in a lot of colours including reds, pinks, whites and purples. It has a short vase life from a few days to a whole week and so you really do want to grab these beauties when they're not quite so open so that you can get more enjoyment out of them as they mature. Keep them in a light-filled area as they thrive in light, just not direct sunlight.


Whilst not exactly a cut flower, it's an Australian native shrub with little flowers on its stems. They're also available in Autumn and Spring so there's lots of time to enjoy its beauty. They have a long vase life ~ up to two weeks and natural colours are white and pink. You can get dyed colours in blues, pinks etc but be aware that they can bleed. You'll want to get a bunch that has at least half the flowers open otherwise you run the risk of them not opening if bought closed.


A gorgeous Australian native with little pearls that open into florets. They have a good vase life, up to 12 days or so and you'll find that as they mature they will start to drop their little leaves. So just keep that in mind. They come in white, cream, pinks but you can also get these dyed as well. They have large flower heads which are just stunning and also small flower heads. The picture I've attached to me is more like medium-sized as you can get even smaller than these.


I feel like I say this all the time haha, but I do love the smell of stock flowers. I read somewhere that the scent was described as clove-like and that's definitely something I'd agree with! I also love that these beauties come in not only bright colours, but also pastel colours. Think pinks, purple, apricot and yellow. They can last up to a week if you ensure they're out of direct sun, and the water is changed frequently. They do tend to curve and so if you want to avoid that, ensure they're in the appropriate sized vase.

And that's it for this segment :). I hope you enjoyed it and even learnt something from it. We have such beautiful blooms and gosh they make me happy!

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Please keep safe everyone, especially mentally ~ as wonderful as social media can be, it can also be quite a toxic place and add fuel to an already hard situation. I'm still doing contactless deliveries while I can and I'll have more YT content coming. Have a fab rest of the week!

xo rose


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