Wollongong flower delivery Bowral flower delivery
Wollongong flower delivery Bowral flower delivery
Wollongong flower delivery Bowral flower delivery


I'm Rose. I'm a creative at heart and am on a journey to create a sustainable business that not only helps provide for my family but also helps you in your life. In 2016 I made a leap and started a business under the name A Pocketful of Roses. After spending many years studying in the health area, I finally graduated with a degree in Health Science (Health Promotion). I have a particular interest in women's health; especially mental health. After graduating, my husband suggested I take a break and gain a creative skill like floristry.


So I did... and what better way to promote health than by spreading joy with flowers! I was trained at Pearsons School of Floristry in 2016 and have not looked back. I provide a range of services including flower delivery, Wedding and event work, workshops ... anything floral related really. I work from home and pieces are limited as they are hand made by me.


I absolutely love those $35 flower delivery services as they're so affordable and such sweet gestures for people. Yet, not being available to us here in the Illawarra, Wollondilly, Camden or Southern Highlands, I made it my mission to be in charge of making this happen. This is where I began my creative journey and it has expanded into other handmade goodies such as poems and flower prints. 

This study confirms that flowers have immediate and long-term emotional health benefits. I think that's pretty neat! I love my job and being able to increase that delightful hormone oxytocin, by spreading joy with flowers. I hope you get joy from what APR creates.

xo rose | Founder of A Pocketful of Roses

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A Pocketful of Roses

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