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How to care for cut flower Anemones + a greenery garland 'how to' video

Hello dear flower lovers,

I hope you're doing well... especially those who are in lockdown. It's not normal to be locked down and although we all understand why, it doesn't make it any easier. We're a different breed now where we understand that we live in privilege and we don't need to be reminded that our problems are 'first world,' like we did before. It's true, there are others are doing it tougher but we're all just living our own realities and what's relative to ourselves. So don't feel bad that you allow yourself to feel all the feelings. It's normal and needed in order to process and heal properly. I know this not only from personal experience but from getting a diploma in counselling. They still promote this theory because it's the truth :-).

With that said, I selected 'Enjoy' as my word to guide 2021. What happened in 2020 helped shape my ideas and pursuits in 2021 and before this lockdown, I was just going to get out there and see and do everything I decided. And I did. When this lockdown hit, it took a lot out of me mentally. I was angry and sitting in those feelings whilst also holding space for some goodness to flood me. Then it came to me (not quick, weeks after haha). It's easier to 'enjoy' when things are easy and less so when things are hard ... so I started to choose one thing a day that I could enjoy while in lockdown and this epiphany has brought great joy to me even though my circumstances haven't changed. I've been able to channel my energy into things that serve me and get out of my head. I just need lots of practise haha.

This week for #APRflowerEd I'm sharing some info on Anemones or windflowers. What an amazing flower. They apparently symbolise relaxation and to enjoy the moment so you're in a better position to take opportunities when they come ~ among other things. How fitting is this?! haha.

Also, if you're in the mood for a little lockdown party or have a birthday coming up and want to spruce things up a little, I have a 'How to make a greenery table garland' video. You can click here to watch it or tap the image below. You also can forage for some greenery, it doesn't have to be bought or all the same foliage—whatever you can get your hands on.

Anemone flower care


Anemone are also known as windflowers and have a similar look to Poppies, but typically with a black or yellow/green centre. They come in different forms and colours, for example single or double blooms and whites, reds, pinks, purples blues.


They’re available from mid Winter to Spring and their flowers close up at night and open in the morning.

Vase Life

They have a short vase life up between four-seven days—don't mix with narcissus as this will shorten their vase life.. Put them in a light-filled location to avoid bending.


Select bunches with buds slightly closed, yet are not completely flat open. Excellent for bridal bouquets.


Put in a clean vase of fresh water with some floral preservative. Snip at least 2cm off the stems when changing the water every two days or so. Ensure that no leaves are below the water line. Keep in cooler temperature, out of the sun and away from ripening produce and wilting plants.

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Please take care!

xo rose

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