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How to care for cut flower Daffodils

Heya flower people,

I hope you're not losing your marbles in this lockdown and especially since the extension. Luckily we're at least able to go for walks whenever we please. I know for my mental health that I need this. I haven't had much sleep because my hubby and I found ourselves in the emergency department last night/early morning (don't worry, it's all good now). It was pretty empty and whilst we didn't want to be there at all, you could see all the workers just doing their jobs and it made me feel very grateful for them... even though I try to avoid hospitals at all costs haha.

I've put up a new YouTube video for this week: How to make a flower crown. I used things from my garden and a couple of flowers I'd previously bought. I love the pops of orange Clivia, but if you cover it up in the pic below, you get a very different and beautiful flower crown. This one looks quote tropical to me and that is something to consider when choosing flowers for a crown. You can watch the giddy by clicking on the video below or here.

This week for #APRflowerEd I'm sharing how to care for cut flower Daffodils. I absolutely love Daffodils and have so since I was a child. I would say that they were my first favourite flower and I remember referring to them as that.


Daffodils are part of the Narcissus genus along with Earlicheers and Jonquils. They have star shaped petals and a trumpet centre and are a European flower symbolising hope and rebirth. They have a sweet scent and come in whites, creams and bi-colours of peach and oranges.


They’re available from Winter to Spring and are also great as potted plants or in garden beds as they have varying shapes. You can get one flower on a stem, or multiple flowers on a stem, more cupped petals, double petals and some even have frilly centres.

Vase Life

They have a short vase life up to about 6 days and will need to be kept in water for a few hours before being combined with other flowers as their sap can be harmful to other flowers. Put them in a light-filled location.


Select bunches with tight buds yet have some colour showing and enjoy their stages of bloom.


Put in a clean vase of fresh water with flower food. Snip at least 2cm off the stems at 45 degree angle and top up the water every day. Ensure that no leaves are below the water line. Keep in cooler temperature, out of the sun and away from ripening produce and wilting plants.

Have a fabulous rest of the week! I'm still doing deliveries but they are contactless deliveries and I'll be wearing a mask.

xo rose


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