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What is this? An arrangement

Howdy flower lovers!

I hope you're having a great week thus far! My husband and I have been working like mad trying to get things ready at our new house for the move and we're almost near the end of it all ... except the dreaded unpacking! Our current home is almost empty to the point that it now echos. Apart from a few things here and there it's quite empty and yet all my eyes see is stuff everywhere! I think my mind is playing tricks on me and wont be happy until we've handed over the keys and finally settle into our new home. We've been there for a little over 10 years and so it's bittersweet. We have a couch, a fridge and an oven remaining and that's all we started with—minus the fridge actually! Had I have known last year was our last Christmas here, I would've bought our Christmas Tree earlier and at least decorated it haha. Any-who, I could go on so I'll move on now :)

My very first #APRflowerEd post was: What is this? A bunch of flowers. I always intended to share more "What is this?" segments and today I'm finally following on from that post. I get asked for particular products and when I probe further I realise that what I thought they've asked for is different from what they're wanting. For example, I'm asked for a bunch of flowers when a bouquet is what is wanted or a vase arrangement. Does it really matter? Well, yes. A bunch of flowers as I've explained here is simply a bundle of one to two flower types that have not been arranged in anyway. For example, this is a bunch of Tulips:

A bunch of Tulips
A bunch of Tulips

It can make a difference to what you pay or what you're quoted. A bunch of Tulips are going to cost different to say a vase arrangement for a special event or even a Bride's bouquet. It also helps to know the difference so the Florist can give you what you're after or help bring your vision for your baby shower, let's say, to life. You might want a beautiful, garden-inspired bouquet because you have family coming over on the weekend but you've asked for a bunch of flowers. You might end up being priced for a bunch of Tulips and in the end receive something you weren't wanting or spend a lot of time going back and forth. This is a very simplistic view of it but it can happen and especially when enquiring online :). I see this particularly when quoting for weddings and it definitely does make a difference if you're wanting flowers for the guest tables. Not only do Brides have a vision, they also have a budget!

So this week, #APRflowerEd is: What is this? An arrangement. This is an umbrella term I'm using to describe anything that has been done to the flowers that involves some thought and creative design and effort. Examples of arrangements you can receive are: bridal bouquets; gift bouquets, vase arrangements, posies, funeral sheafs and so on. Down the track I will go into what bouquets, posies, vase arrangements (there are different types of these too!) etc are specifically just for your information. (Did you know that there's a difference between a posy and a bouquet?)

Arrangement examples infographic:

I hope you've found this helpful! I know it made a difference to me when I discovered that there's more to floristry and flowers haha. Have an excellent weekend!

xo rose


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