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Flower Education or FlowerEd

Hello dear flower lovers,

Not too long ago I asked you via my Insta Stories if you’d like to learn more about flowers/florist industry/flower care and I got a resounding, yes! So it’s my mission to educate … not from a place of I’m the expert, you all listen to me, as I still have a long way to go! But I do have some knowledge and the resources to research and implement—my Health Promotion degree was based on research after all. If any of you in this little community have some knowledge to impart, then I absolutely encourage the sharing of information!

When writing up quotes and discussing potential flower arrangements, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of gaps in people’s knowledge about flowers/flower industry. I’m sure this is the same for most industries and I certainly recall some uh-huh moments once I started my Floristry course hehe. I love flowers so much and the right information can make a difference to their vase life and your enjoyment.

My aim is to have the information in digestible bits that can be easy to read and refer to. You can pin it on a Pinterest board also. So here it goes! First one is about a bunch of flowers, which is one of the many different floristry product types you can buy. A bunch of flowers is not the same as an arrangement, as you'll read in the infographic below.

I’ll create this hashtag #APRflowerEd for socials so that as more information is presented, it can all be easily accessed and even saved in a folder on Instagram. A lot of what I share will also be made available on here. If there's anything you're busting to know about, you can let me know! Have a fab weekend!

xo rose


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