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How I dry five of my favourite flowers


I'm really excited about this #APRflowerEd because back in April this year I'd made a video about how I dry flowers. It takes a long time to prepare for, make a video and then edit it down. Seeing as it was my first one without any outtakes I thought I'd redo the video and apply what I learnt to make this one better. And my next one will be even better because I'll maybe have some notes to help me speak faster and more articulate haha. In my defence, I had a very early market run and so I wasn't completely there hehe.

There are so many flowers that I love to dry! I also love to experiment with them to see what the outcome is. My garage gets really hot and so it'll be great to see how this affects the drying of flowers in a positive way. My space before was just a bit too damp and I did lose some flowers due to mould... the enemy of all drying flowers!

In this video, I go through five of the flowers I dry the most, which also happen to be the easiest. When I say easiest, I guess I do mean little work involved but I also mean the most success rate drying and something that can mostly be left alone without having to be checked on. So I'll go through what I do to dry Baby's Breath, Stirlingia, Statice, Misty and Strawflower. With all flowers, I strip the leaves and always check for mould before I hang them upside down to dry. That is a must! I also make smaller bunches to hang unless I'm certain they can handle being grouped together in bigger bunches.

I hope you get something out of this, even if it is just confidence to dry your own flowers!

Don't forget that you can come along and make your own full, lush Christmas Wreath with me at my place in Wollongong! If you're not able to make it to any of the days I have available, you can DIY and make your own with my DIY Christmas Wreath Kits. You can also add some extras to make it more personalised and even add some dried blooms from my Everlastings Bloom Bar. That's it from me :). I'm making more of an effort to make the rest of this crazy year a fantastic one!

xo rose


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