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What's native to South Africa?

Hello flower lovers!

I hope you're doing well! I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to post anything #APRflowerEd related today. My mind has been so stressed and full that it has been a little hard concentrating. Luckily I've got a big list of things I've been wanting to share and that took away half of the work... well, not really but definitely a big part of it. I've always known that work blogging takes a little more work than you'd think—in addition to everything else one does in a business—but I still don't give myself enough time to prepare haha. I absolutely love it though and I'm definitely getting more consistent and coming up with some great ideas to share on here and exclusively to my mailing list.

For those on my mailing list, you will have seen that I now have DIY Christmas Wreath Kits available, an Everlastings Bloom Bar and a cheeky 20% off site-wide discount for all November long. If you didn't get this email, let me know and I can send it through to you.

What I wanted to share this week are some flowers that get thrown into the "Australian native" category, when they're not Australian flowers but South Australian natives. Does it really matter? Not unless you're after Australian-only flowers in let's say, your wedding bouquet. But the two complement each other so well that it really is forgivable *heart eyes.

South African natives infographic:

I thought that while I was sharing these beauties, I couldn't end it just there and so I created a list of 21 Australian and 21 South African native flowers. You may be surprised to see some flowers in one of the columns. Phyllica, Erica and Leucospermum aka Pincushions (this one should've been obvious but I hadn't really thought about it before!) were a surprise for me! Feel free to pin this on Pinterest board or save it on your phone for your next trip up to the Flower Market. I looove a good list! haha

Did anything catch you by surprise? I hope this is helpful and that you learnt something new! Have a fantastic hump day and rest of the week!

xo rose


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