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How to propagate succulents using an egg carton

Hello flower friends,

Hasn’t it been cold lately! I really feel that we’re well and truly in winter. My garden is still in Autumn though, as the Japanese Maple tree is still glowing amber but leaves are definitely dropping and covering the ground wiping for me to come and clean it up haha. I can't remember how long ago but it was late Autumn that I decided that I'd try a propagating succulents in an egg carton. I'd seen this pin on Pinterest and it intrigued me. This person has let the succulent leaves grow and remain in the egg carton, whereas I've decided to let them propagate and then repot them.

My new growths all potted up in a mug I found at an op-shop and drilled holes in the bottom of. I'm going to let them grow and repot some when they get too big for this.

For #APRflowerEd this week I wanted to show you how I went about doing this as I had much success with it AND it's addictive! This method is especially good if you don't have any free pots or trays and want to grow your own succulents successfully.

What you'll need:

  • An egg carton

  • Cacti and succulent soil

  • Garden scissors

  • Gardening gloves

  • 12 or more Echeveria succulent leaves from an already established succulent (or any succulent type would work)

  • Tweezers (optional)

Method: This is a very easy method with very few steps

  1. Grab your empty egg carton and fill to the brim with your succulent soil.

  2. Carefully pull, twist or cut leaves from the lower end of your main succulent/s. They need to be clean removals and not tears.

  3. Place succulent leaves flat on top of the soil. OPTIONAL: plant the end that was connected to the mother plant straight into the soil.

  4. Place somewhere warm and where it'll receive good light.

  5. Leave the succulent leaves alone and let them dry out—don't water them!

Here's a little guide on what you want your succulent leaves to look like:

You'll be waiting about two weeks or so to see any signs of rooting and then by around the 8 week mark you should really see them come to life. Supposedly in Winter it'll take longer than if you were to try this in Summer or Spring, but I guarantee you that it'll still work. Just be patient. When you see them begin to root, you can water them with a spray bottle as they grow bigger until you're ready to pot them—or maybe you want them to grow in the egg carton? Let me know if that works in the long run!

Watch my demonstration:

Happy propagating succulent lovers! I'd love to know if you try this method and whether it worked for you or not. I'll be sure to give an update on mine in a few week's time. Have a great rest of the week and then weekend!

xo rose


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