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Flower care: Iceland Poppies

Hello flower friends!

Last week was crazy busy that I didn't end up posting my #APRflowerEd for the week. We went away for a few days and then it was back to work and pumping out orders. My sister also had her bubba and so I was babysitting her little two while she was in the hospital. So we're very excited about the new addition over here! I've decided that Wednesdays will be my regular #APRflowerEd days so keep an eye out and be sure to save them to a folder you can look back at.

Some things that are new in my online store include my Everlasting Flowerpots (or dried vase arrangements). They were a joy to create and I hope you like them! You can read more about sizes and price here. I'm also expecting to have a fresh drop of Pressed Flower Frames up on my site tomorrow, yay! And I've been busily making up a stack of Floral Face Masks. I've only got one size and I'm not quite sure that it'll fit all women but I'll definitely have some measurements up on my site also. Contact me here if you're interested in snagging any!

Back to Iceland Poppies and how to care for them... These darlings are currently in season and if you snag a bunch, then refer to this to help you get the most out of their bloom time.

If you're interested in knowing how to take off the hooded calyx to encourage early blooming, you can watch this little video below. It's very easy to do but you do need to be delicate so as not to rip the petals. I always find videos make me look like I'm being rough but I'm handling it with care and support.

I hope you learnt something and feel more confident to display a beautiful bunch of poppies in your home :).

xo rose


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