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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hello flower lovers,

I hope you all got to have a relaxing long weekend. I wish I could say I did... I assisted a florist friend with a wedding she had on the weekend, I honestly can't remember what happened on Sunday (oh wait, answered emails) and had the bright idea on Monday to head to three waterfalls in one day and two were a (moderate) strenuous hike. That wasn't such a good idea but you know what happens when you decide to have a day off and try to squeeze everything in haha.

This week's posy design is all pink in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I was gratefully reminded by the wonderful ladies from Escarla Hair Face Body.

Posy delivery
Pink Posy

I'm delivering these darlings in PETITE, DE LUXE and GRANDE Wednesday to Friday this week and you can reach me here to order a posy. Wishing you all a wonderful week!

xo rose


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