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What's in season?

Hello flower friends!

I hope your week thus far has been pleasant. I'm back again with some #APRflowerEd! Isn't it starting to feel like Spring is night at hand?! Even though I'm a Autumn/Winter gal, there's no denying that there's a special air to Spring and Summer. It's one of hope, fun and happiness. It's a beautiful feeling especially after the cold and hibernating months.

Today's #APRflowerEd is another round of What's in season? I thought I should also mention that some blooms can be available over a few seasons such as Ranunculus is available from late Winter to early Spring—so a short amount of time for these guys. But I'm just trying to give you a simple idea as to what is available and more info will be shared as I go through individual flowers and how to care for them..

Flowers like Daffodils, Cherry Blossoms and Ranunculi are to me, synonymous with Spring! I know that Spring is on its way when I see these beauties around!! Have a wonderful week!

xo rose

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