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How to make a Dried Flower or Everlasting Bouquet

Hey flower friends!

It has been a while since I last posted and boy have things changed! I don't think anyone was ready for this but I have to admit that there have definitely been some perks to everyone being asked to stay at home. I had intended to make some changes within my business this year that I was hoping would wet your creative appetites. I wasn't sure when or how I'd roll out the changes but this force into change has meant that I've been kicked up the butt earlier to get more online content available to you all.

I'm sharing my process to creating an Everlasting or dried flower bouquet! This will be shared on my Instagram page via my very first IGTV as well—all pending that I can get it to work and technology doesn't let me down haha. But I'm sharing it here first as promised via YouTube.

You can refer to this at any time or just watch the video by scrolling all the way down. I sometimes need both! I'm sharing my process, which will be different to others' process. Not all stem sizes will be the same, so if you wanted to buy these exact ingredients, it may be bigger or smaller than mine. That my friend, is nature for you :). I'll write the info in dot (or arrow) points.

So here it goes!

Ingredients: (all dried + quantity is by the stem)

> x1 King protea > x 2 Teasel > x1 Large long leaf Eucalyptus

> x2 Banksias > x3 Paniculata Hydrangea > x1 Small cluster of Sth Aus. Daisy

> x1 Banksia Cone > x 15 White Bunny Tails > x1 Preserved ruscus

> x1 Small dried fan palm > x5 Eucalyptus gum leaves


> x 1 Sharp flower snips/secateurs/knife

> x1 Piece of string/twine to bind the flowers together

> x1 Big mirror


> Spiralled stems

> Staggering/layering flowers

> Front facing

> Grouped flowers


> Lay out floral ingredients on a table for selection ease.

> Choose the biggest flower and place low and at the centre of your grip.

> Keep your grip loose enough for movement, but tight enough so flowers won't fall out.

> To create spiralled stems: each additional piece will be placed at the front at an angle leaning towards the right side, followed by a piece being placed at the back, at an angle leaning towards the left. You can start front or back first, as long as you continue the pattern. Essentially, the stems are going in the same direction.

> Add a couple of pieces of greenery. Remembering that each new piece or cluster after the centre focal flower will need to follow the same pattern.

> I didn't cut my stems until after the arrangement was done. You can cut them a smidge shorter so that they're not in the way, but be careful not to cut them too short.

> Then start to add other bigger pieces in groups (meaning if you have three of one type of flower or foliage, you will add them at the same time in the same direction). This rule is not rigid, as you will see from my video, but it's a good starting place.

> Each piece after the focal flower will be staggered so that they sit slightly higher than the focal flower and then also higher than the flower in front of it. Think of a set of stairs only not as rigid.

> As you keep adding pieces, add your filler flowers and foliage in between each bigger piece, or wherever you feel will look nice. Filler flowers are the flowers that add texture and interest like Baby's Breath or Misty. I tend to call a filler flower anything that isn't a focal flower or big flower head.

> Once you've used up your pieces, check that there are no holes or gaps in the arrangement that aren't supposed to be there. You can also move pieces up by gently pulling the upper half of the stem, and down, by pulling down on the stem.

> When you're happy with your bouquet, grab your piece of string and tie it secure.

> Give another check over and then cut your stems to your desired length.

> Pop it in a vase or wrap it up in nice brown paper and deliver it to someone who might need some cheering up..

And there you have it :). If there is anything in particular you'd like to see/learn more about, let me know and I'll do my best to create it. Have a fab week!

xo rose


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