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$25 Petite Posies, what?!

Bunches of flowers
Last week's posy ingredients

Good Wintery morning !

I hope your weekend was relaxing. I know I tried to slow down a bit more and just be present with my day, which is in great timing with the Winter season. Floristry is seasonal work and so I get less orders in the Winter, which is excellent as it means that I can have a break and work on some other things I have going on.

Next week, PETITE posies will be $25! I'm not sure how long this sale will be on for. I will have to see how orders go and play it by ear. I will definitely be on break for all of July and will be back in August. Custom orders over $100 will still be available. Everlasting posies, Floral greeting cards and Floral prints will still be available too.

I'm wondering if I should do a week of Everlasting posies? Would love to hear what you think! If you would like to preorder a PETITE posy, you can do so by clicking here. Here's to a new and hopefully good week! I'll be back again with this week's posy design on Wednesday :)

xo rose


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