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Floral foam free wedding !

Happy Saturday flower lovers,

I'm wishing you all an enjoyable weekend! Last weekend I was in warm Brisbane working long hours (over two days) to get a beautiful rustic wedding happening for a 3:30pm start.

Rarely do you get pictures of everything you create as a Florist, but I factored in some time and had an assistant! It was such a hot hot day, I was so glad we were working with natives. I didn't choose the flowers that I was working with, a wholesaler did this. I was really nervous about what I was going to get but I brought some of my own little extra bits like feathers, bunny tails, billy buttons and foraged for some other touches. I think it turned out beautifully!

These are my images: both taken on pro camera + iPhone.

C+J's Wedding

Here are some videos: Don't forget to play them on the highest video quality :) (Go to settings > quality).


The thing about weddings that I'm not sure people really understand yet, is you're not just paying for a bouquet and other bits. You're paying for the construction and design and depending on the scale and intricacies of the wedding, assistants to help create your beautiful day. It isn't the same as ordering a bunch of flowers and having it delivered. That requires less time, materials and thought.


No floral foam was used to construct this flower arbour. It definitely is much easier to do this with natives, but the other tricky bit is that floral foam gives you some thickness to work with also, making your work look bulky and lush. I had to really think about placements and how I was going to secure everything to the arbour. For those who aren't aware, floral foam is a spongy, toxic foam that soaks up and holds water for a long period of time. Flowers are inserted into it so they can drink up the water and remain in its design, while still looking fresh. I have to say that it is so so handy, but the only thing that is known about floral foam is that it's toxic. Therefore, I just cannot use it in my own floristry work.


I love simple wedding settings. Simple doesn't always mean simple to create and this was the case here. It's fiddly work but it still makes a statement just as big flowers and thicker table garlands would.


Who doesn't love cake? This one smelt so good. I wish I knew who made it because the aroma was so enticing.

And one last one from the photographer, just because you have to see the bride with her flowers:

Photographer: Tim Couleson

I hope you enjoyed these photos and videos. Maybe they even gave you a bit of inspo for your own wedding or someone's you know :). Thank you to all those who bought posies this week, so so appreciated. I'll back again next week for posy delivery. Until then, stay safe.

xo rose

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