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Oh so succulent

Good afternoon posy friends,

I hope you had a great weekend celebrating Mothers (and hopefully with cake too!). I present to you this week's posy design featuring SUCCULENTS! Anyone else a succulent lover? Alongside the preserved posy, this is a fave of mine because you can take the succulent off it's "stem" put it into a planter with some succulent soil and let it grow. I leave mine outside and give it a good water when it's completely dry and don't think about them any other time. It's a posy that keeps on giving.

succulent posy

Posy ingredients: Disbud; Succulent; Aster: Statice; Tea Tree; Bachelor Button; Eucalypptus Gum.

If you'd like to order one of these preciouses, you can do so by clicking here. These are available Wednesday to Friday or until sold out. Have a wonderful week!

xo rose

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