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Free downloadable print for Mum

Good morning posy people!

One more sleep until Mother's Day ! If you're a Mama, I hope you get to have a lovely, relaxing and food-coma day :). As a thank you to you, my subscribers, I have a free Mother's Day downloadable print available until Sunday night. You can print it off for yourself or your Mama, friend Mama's, siblings or anyone else you think might enjoy this.

For those flower enthusiasts, this flower is a gorgeous Hellebore. I took this close up photograph of it as an option for a Fine Art Flower Print. I just LOVE the detail. When I wrote this poem I was thinking about the Mothers in my own life. I wanted to include flowers (of course) and convey the magnitude of a Mum's role, significance, impact in one's life. I hope I did just that.

flower print with poem

"I'm a flower that blooms because you nourished me as a seed,

filled me with sunlight and dug out the weeds."

I've printed this off at Officeworks keeping it on an A4 sheet with the actual print size 8x10". I went to the front desk and chose matte paper at 200gsm (there's thicker if you want also) and I slipped it into an 11x14" frame I purchased from K-mart. For those choosing another frame other than from K-mart, ensure that it has a mat or mount board so that it doesn't stick to the glass. I wanted to create something simple and beautiful to give to you as an add-on to your gifts for Mama because you can never spoil her enough! Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

To access this free downloadable print click here. It says that it costs $1 but don't worry about that, it's just technology ... type in the code MUMFREE and it should be free! You don't have to add your card or anything. I can't tell you how long it took me to figure out a way to get this to you for free haha. Technology.. can't live with it; can't live without it. Would love to know your thoughts!

xo rose

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