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Mum's Posy

Hello flower friends,

Mother's Day posy

Another week means another posy design! This week is all about Mum. She inspired my posy selection today and I'm pretty happy with it. I won't lie and say I wasn't worried with what I had chosen but then when it's brought together I'm in awe of how beautiful flowers are. They can do no wrong!

I tried to look for some texture and layers of colours and interesting flowers/foliage. To illustrate how multi-dimensional Mums are. They're beautiful, caring, strong, fierce, stern, deep, giving and individual. I could go on :). If you'd like to order one of these darlings for your Mama or Mama friend, sibling, relative, you can do so here. Don't forget, Mamas come in all shapes and sizes, not just the ones who have birthed children :).

Mother's Day Posy

Posy ingredients: Disbud, Berry, renaissance leaf, Ruskus, Carnation, Magnolia leaf, Spray Chrysanthemum, Cappucino Rose.

Wishing all you Mamas out there a wonderful Mother's Day! I hope you get spoilt and pampered with lots of kind words, affection and a home cooked dinner or breakfast if that is your thing :).

xo rose

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