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BTS Bouquet construction

Hello my dear flower friends,


A couple of weeks ago I was asked to make an arrangement for a birthday lunch. I had planned on making a video but ran out of time real quick so I made a little time-lapse video instead.

Before I get into this, I wanted to say thank you so much to all those who bought a posy this week. It really is heart warming to have your support ... especially in a saturated market. It's a tough industry to crack but spreading joy to you and your loved ones makes it all worth it. So thank you!

I also want to let you know that my packaging has changed. The company I used have gone on hiatus and I was forced to find something similar quick smart! I love using the boxes for my flower deliveries and so I found something that I actually think is even better than the previous ones, yay! They're much more strong and sturdy, which is fantastic! And they're still reusable AND recyclable. Here's what they look like:

posy box

posy box top

They'll replace the other boxes quite nicely.

So, back to the bouquet:

flower ingredients

These are the materials I used for the above bouquet: Carnation; golded Ruskus; Hypericum berry; Sea Holly; Rose. The theme was vintage with a touch of gold. I really try to be environmentally friendly in my business and so this bouquet was added to a fresh golded vase of water; no floral foam needed. P.S., if you don't know, it's the green stuff flowers get pushed into as it can hold water and flowers can drink from it. It's quite toxic stuff.

Time-lapse of the bouquet construction:

Don't forget to put the quality to the highest it can go otherwise it's just blurry :). You can do this by clicking on the gear icon.

Ashamedly, this is my concentration face (*giggle and forehead slap).

When I construct a bouquet, I typically start with the focal flower first—usually the biggest flower head—and build on from there. The stems are spiralled meaning they are placed going around in one direction and I try to step the flowers so as not to create a ball shape. I also use a mirror to help me see what it looks like front on, which is what I'm looking at when I'm facing away from the camera haha. In this bouquet I am grouping the main flowers together and using things like the ruskus and hypericum randomly throughout the bouquet. Oh another thing, you can also make vase arrangements in the vase. In this instance I chose to do the bouquet like this as it worked better for me to transport it.

rose gold roses

I experimented a little with rose gold spray to add another dimension. I think it's lovely in the right light. What do you think? Did you know: Each rose has a name and I'm still learning them. It'll be a lifelong journey I think as there are so many varieties. I didn't catch the name of this one but I loved how big she was and that there were so many petals.

Here's a close up video:

I love seeing videos of bouquets as you can really see the layers, depth and texture of the bouquet.

table arrangement

The blooms in situ at The Epicure Store in Camden. Photo taken by Brooke from Handful of Adventures. The colours are different in the image but both look gorgeous I say :).

Did you find anything useful from this? What would you like me to share more of? I'd love to know :). Happy weekend flower friends.

xo rose

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