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Easter inspired posy design

Good morning posy people,

Happy Easter ! Colourful easter eggs have inspired my posy ingredients this week. Even if you don't celebrate the reason behind easter, it is still a wonderful time to spend with your loved ones (including your friends) and fill your belly with chocolate guilt free (Haighs is one of my absolute favourites! especially milk chocolate speckles, mmm).

Posy ingredients: Dahlia, Tulip, Spray rose, Celosia, Snapdragon, Eucalyptus gum & Magnolia leaf (Little Gem).

The flower markets are closed on Friday and whilst I am delivering posies on Friday, there is a limited amount because of this, so if you want some flowers for your dinner table, you'll need to hop to it (get it?! haha). You can order one here.

I have some videos to share with you and some giveaways coming your way. Have a wonderful Easter and be safe over the Easter break.

xo rose

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