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What's in season? Summer

Why hello fellow flower lovers,

It has been quite a while since I've sat at my desk typing out flower education information. It's definitely good to be back but I'm also very happy to have had a long break... well, it was half break and half work behind the scenes to help me get organised for the year. As you may know by now, I have started a YouTube channel to share all things flowers. As a lover of DIY, I want to also share some DIY flower viddys and am excited to share what I have in store! I'm not video savvy or talking in front of a camera savvy but I'm confident that as time progresses I'll find my groove. I just have to get past this cringey newbie stuff haha.

There will be some overlap with my journal entries and YouTube viddys but mostly when there is a need for things I've shared to be written. This week is one of those weeks! What's in season? I thought it might be nice to do a video on some seasonal blooms as well

Flowers available in Summer:

Hydrangea are native to Asia and USA and are available from Summer to Autumn. They have a good vase life and can last up to 2 weeks. There are different shapes and sizes of Hydrangea and different colours including blues, pinks, whites and purples. Hydrangea are excellent because they can be dried.

Dahlias are native Mexico, Guatemala and other areas of Central America. They're available from Summer to Autumn and they have a short vase life of approx., 5-8 days. There are many different shapes, sizes and varieties and many different colours including white, reds, oranges, pinks and more.

Sunflowers native to North America and are available from Summer to Autumn but can be extended due to greenhouse grown. They have a good vase life lasting up to 10 days. Sunflowers are not all yellow, there are teddy bears, frilly, red, purple, white sunflowers and more.

Feather Celosia are native to Mexico and are known as velvet flower. They're available form Summer to Autumn. These also have a good vase life lasting about 12 days and the best part about them is they can be dried. They come in a variety of colours including purple, orange, pink, yellow and more.

Zinnia are also native to Mexico and are available from Summer to Autumn. They have a short vase life between 5-8 days. And come in lots of shapes and many different colours including purples, greens, reds, oranges, and yellows and more.

You can watch me go through each flower on YouTube. Oh boy I hope I get better at this. So many "sorry about" this, that and the other like creaky noises and saying wrong words that I'd like to sprawl all over it but I won't. It's all part of the journey, eek!

I'd love to hear your thoughts or even see you on YouTube. I'll be uploading each week on Thursday. Is there anything you'd like to see me do? Let me know and wish me luck!

xo rose

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