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Rise and Shine posies

Good morning posy people,

I am so excited about this rain we're having. It's way overdue, although it is a nuisance trying to live life especially for those who have children or ailments (like my Husband's Oma—she gets pains when it's cold and wet. So terrible!). I personally don't mind it and we're in drought, so right now I have my thankful hat on.

I have to say that the exciting flowers aren't out yet and I struggled a little selecting flowers that were show stoppers... that is until I saw the orangey spray Chrysanthemums. They reminded me of sunsets and sunrises that I've seen and I knew I had to go from there.

Posy ingredients: Eucalyptus Gum; Delphinium; Spray Chryssie; Celosia; Rose; Disbud; and Billy Button.

Don't forget that PETITE posies are only $25 this week so get in quick! If you'd like to purchase a posy for yourself or brighten someone's day, you can do so here. Have a great week everyone and if it's still raining by the weekend, please drive safely!

xo rose

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