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Posy Alert + Festive Wreaths!

Good morning beautiful flower lovers,

This week, my husband and I have been trying not to end the night looking at screens. We work hard and at the end of the night all you want to do is drag out to nothing... which also means that you're alert before bed instead of actually unwinding haha. It is quite the habit to break I must say. Last night, I did some yoga and had my cup of tea and instead of heading to bed at 8pm, I somehow managed to get to bed at 9:30pm. Don't ask me where the time went!

When my alarm woke me up, I could've sworn I had just laid my head on the pillow. So I wearily got dressed and made my way to the flower market and the tiredness dissipates... especially when I saw all the beautiful Hydrangea in different colours. So fluffy like clouds! I just couldn't resist putting them in this week's posy design *heart eyes.

Posy ingredients: Hydrangea; Viburnum; Rose; Feather Celosia; Misty; Snap Dragon; Paper Daisy.
Posy ingredients: Hydrangea; Viburnum; Rose; Feather Celosia; Misty; Snap Dragon; Paper Daisy.

I also wanted to let you know that Christmas Wreaths are now live here, yay! I have had a number of people ask me about Wreaths and workshops, which is always nice to know people are interested. So keep the questions coming as it shows me what I can be doing for you. This year there are no Wreath workshops and my Wreath delivery is only available the week before Christmas because from the 4th-15th December, I will be overseas celebrating my 30th birthday (wow, cannot believe it's here already!). So that means there will be a limited amount available. You can preorder now to ensure you don't miss out :).

Screen shot from my site

Boy is this year flying by! Well, keep you eyes peeled for some more goodies I'll add to my store soon, which will include my Everlasting Flower Pots, Pressed Flower Frames and my Everlasting Flower terrariums. So many goodies. Wishing you all a wonderful week! Christmas break is almost here... you've got this!

xo rose

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