Posy alert + EOY Sale

Good morning posy people!

Artichoke flowers are one of my faves! In this image they're shut tight, but once they open, they reveal a gorgeous purple flower, which doesn't seem real. They're a beautiful, hardy flower and I couldn't resist putting them in this week's posy design. The Alstro are also closed tight but will open and they look a bit like a mini version of Lillies. They're one of my faves too because they're not ostentatious but when you look a little closer, you can't believe the detail they have on the inside (insert heart eyes).

Posy ingredients: Artichoke flower; Little Gem; Queen Anne's Lace; Chrissy; Flannel flower; Alstroemeria; Celosia.

Don't forget to take advantage of my End of Year Sale! I will be away for about 10 or so days in December and so my sale is only for this month, but I'll be back the week before Chrissy, so you can pre-order for any date now or then :). How fast has this year gone, argh!?

If you'd like me to deliver a floral hug to your someone special, you can do so here. I'd love to be able to do that for you :). Have a wonderful week!

xo rose

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