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Flower care: Ranunculus

Hello my flower friends,

I really hope the long weekend was fun and restful. After the year we've had, we all deserve it! I had some fun celebrating my sister's sweet 16th birthday and then spent Sunday and Monday helping my husband with the floor. We're moving house soon and we've been given permission to remove the wallpaper and carpet so we've been painting and sanding. I wish that was all but there's a lot more work to do before just adding paint and ripping up carpet haha. In fact I think the easiest part is pulling wallpaper and carpet off. The whole process has taken three weeks! That's also in amongst work and a day off each week.

Any-who, this week for #APRflowerEd I thought I'd share some info on gorgeous Ranunculus as they are currently in season. So if you manage to snag a bunch of flowers you'll be able to refer to this.

So here we go:

1) Facts:

Ranunculus or Persian Buttercups are a round and delicate flower with almost paper-thin, crepe-like petals that unfurl as they mature to reveal many ruffly layers. They come in many colours including white, yellow, orange, pink, red, multicolours and more!

2) Availability:

Their natural season is from late Winter to early Spring but you may see imports or greenhouse grown pop up out of season. They’re native to the Eastern Mediterranean Region symbolising charm, friendship and attractiveness.

3) Vase Life:

They last up to seven days but this can extend to 14 days with flower food. Great for any designs including for weddings, bouquets, bunches, vase arrangements—everything! They naturally curl but can be supported with wire for straighter stems.

4) Selecting:

Select bunches that are firm at the base and when the flowers are beginning to open but not completely separated from the centre. Handle carefully as they’re hollow in the middle and can easily crush.

5) Care:

Put in a clean vase of fresh, warm water. Snip at least 2cm off the stems when changing the water every two days or so. Ensure that no leaves are below the water line. Keep in cooler temperature, out of the sun and away from ripening produce and wilting plants.  

I hope this helps you . Don't forget that you can pin he infographic to a board on Pinterest and I'll also share


If your Ranunculus begins to droop (because, flowers!) before you add them to a vase of water, wrap the heads and some of the stem in brown paper for a few hours, pop then in warm water with flower food and this'll help give them some support while they drink up!

And that's #APRflowerEd for this week :).

If you weren't aware, my One Design Posies have made a comeback this week and will return in the first week of next month! You can click the link here to snag yourself some affordable blooms or spoil a loved one. This is this week's design:

I hope you found this helpful and have an awesome rest of the week!

xo rose


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