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Be Mine, Valentine

Hello flower lovers,

I hope you're all surviving the heat. We don't have aircon (don't ask me why!?!), so we've been hitting the beach as often as we can to cool off. Rain has been predicted for next week... one can only hope!

I wanted to show you a little arrangement I've made for Valentine's Day—which is close at hand by the way. I missed creating arrangements last year for VD because I was in New Zealand visiting family. So this year, while the commercialism isn't something I wholeheartedly support, I do support people taking the opportunity to spoil their loved ones—doesn't have to be a partner in my books either. After all, life is short! If people need VD to remind them, then so be it :-).

The arrangements will be made similar to this mock-up, using gorgeous goodies that are available at the flower market at the time. I'll definitely be adding the preserved ruscus (light pink leave) and dried palm spears. Roses will definitely feature in the design but it won't be all Roses. I'm in love with this colour palette as I think it's quite modern, yet still very evocative of love.

To pre-order your VD posy, click this link here and it'll take you straight to the product page.

I'll be back with regular posy orders the week of February 17th, as next week I'll be attending my husband's grandmother's funeral. She is dearly missed and so, so loved but we got to say goodbye to her a few days before we passed and we're at peace because of that. Side note: hug your loved ones and tell them you love them.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

xo rose

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