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A Very Aussie Christmas

Hello flower friends!

Yesterday, my husband and I went out to run some errands. If I'm at the shops, it's usually to pick up groceries. I spend less time window shopping these days (unless I'm in Newtown!) as I've been trying to be more disciplined with my "unnecessary" spending and do my part for the environment. This has meant that I've missed all those Christmas songs that have been playing since September? October? This has also meant that it hasn't really dawned on me yet that Christmas is really close by! So when we were out yesterday, it was the first time I copped some Christmas music and really felt "Christmassy." If you put aside all the pressures and busy-ness for a minute, you can really feel the Christmas Spirit in the air. It's quite special.

When I walked into the flower market this morning, I knew already that I was looking for Christmas Bush and then some other flowers and colours popped up. As I won't be here for a big chunk of December and being the last of the fresh flower posies for 2019, I thought it was only fitting to be inspired by Christmas. I love an Aussie Christmas and Eucalyptus Gum, Red Dyed Stirlingia (in this case Gold), Leucadendrons, Christmas Bush and Paper Daisies, for me, evoke that pleasant Christmassy spirit. I hope it does for you too!

If you'd like to order a Christmas posy, you can do so here :). Also, don't forget about pre-ordering a Christmas Wreath. I know a lot of you like to display the wreaths earlier but some like them really fresh just in time for Christmas! They're wonderful either way. Have a fab week everyone!

xo rose

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