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Mother's Day

Good evening flower friends!


I woke up this morning and realised that Mother's Day is one whole week away! So I thought I'd put together this little list of gift ideas for you. But first, one quick did you know: Did you know that Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother's Day didn't intend for it to be commercialised? It was in honour of her mother who died and worked as a peace activist during the American Civil War and held Mother's Day work clubs. Anna Jarvis wanted Mother's Day to be in honour of "the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world". I really love this sentiment!

It definitely has become so commercialised but I also like the idea that if children aren't honouring Mothers at any other time, at least on Mother's Day they might be! And can you really spoil Mum too much? I really don't think so... so, spoil your Mothers... even beyond Mother's Day :).

Last year I did a collaboration with some local bakers and created a Mum's Sweet Retreat package which included a posy, a posy voucher and a box of cupcakes. This year I'm keeping it simple. You will of course be able to buy flowers for Mum during the week through my normal delivery process. This week I will be making them Mother's Day themed :). In addition to this, I have three other options to choose from.


This is the gift that keeps on giving... for a little anyhow haha. You can choose the one month or three month option; fortnightly, weekly or monthly; and any posy range: PETITE; DE LUXE; or GRANDE. You also currently get 5% off, which is awesome. What I love about this option is that a lot of the subscriptions I fulfil are from one person to another and the recipient usually forgets about it until they see me with flowers for them. I love seeing their unsuspecting faces light up when they remember. You can find more information about subscriptions here.

Posy subscription


These prints are something I'm most proud of. They're what I see when I look at flowers... the details. I say this all the time, but I just LOVE flowers. They bring such joy. These prints are unlike other prints say from Officeworks or Kmart. These are archival pigment prints (also referred to as Giclée Prints) which are of the highest, exhibition standard. I have carefully selected the paper and all my images are beautifully printed on white, matte, thick paper to last ... I want to say forever but I'll just stick with, a really long time.

Fine Art Flower Prints

From left to right, top to bottom: Peony; Ranunculus; Dahlia; Red Flowering Gum; King Protea

The prints are 8x10" with a 1/4 inch border. I've given a small border so that you get lots of print, which means more value for money :). Head to K-mart and buy a $10 11x14" frame in white, wood or black and you've got yourself a gorgeous gift at $50! You can find more information about prints here. I'd order by Wednesday to ensure they get in on time for Mother's Day :).

Last but not least...


It seems that there is a new trend starting with preserved flower posies. I LOVE preserved flowers so much. I'm forever drying things and was so happy that people loved using them in the Christmas wreath workshops I held last year! Even better that there are more people seeing the value and beauty of preserved flowers and foliage. And so I present to you my Everlasting Posy range... I'm in love! You can buy it in PETITE, DE LUXE and GRANDE here. If you'd like Saturday delivery for Mother's Day just let me know in the Special Message/Delivery Instructions section. No design is the same too!

Dried flower posy

We've now come to the end. Lots of options to choose from but don't forget too that sometimes all Mum wants and needs is good quality time with you. Have a great week posy people and I'll be back in this space with this week's posy design. Would love to hear your thoughts on this Mother's Day list or any other thoughts :).

xo rose

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