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Cotton + Copper posies

Good morning flower lovers!

You're going to love this week's posy design! I have to admit that I really struggled to find something different at the flower market this morning. I try my best to use flowers that are long lasting. Each flower has a different shelf life and that includes some of those gorgeous Anemones, Peonies, Cosmos and the list goes on. I try my best toggle variation and as the market prices increase I look carefully for those at the lower end to give you a lush bunch!

Petite, De Luxe and Grande posies

Posy ingredients: Cotton; Gumnut; Copper Bun Palm; Sea Holly; Disbud; Eucalyptus Gum

The best part about this bunch is that they can be dried! I love to put my dried flowers into a vase without water and just let them do their thing. If you'd like a post on how to dry flowers, let me know in the comments below! I just LOVe getting the most out of my blooms. Also, coming soon are my Everlasting posies, yay!

If you'd like to order from this week's posy design, you can do so here :). Have a lovely week flower friends!

xo rose

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