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Sunny, Autumn posies

Happy hump day !

My husband and I have spent some time over the Easter break at the beach. The sun still has some bite to it, whilst the water is icy. I don't even think about how cold it is because if I do, I won't jump in! It definitely makes you feel alive and after the initial shock, it's really nice. This is one of the things I LOVE about Autumn.

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons and so this week's posy design was inspired by Autumn. Because of the drought, Sunnies haven't been available or if they have, quite sad looking, so when I saw them big, bright and beautiful at the flower market, I knew that I had to get them. This mix of flowers makes me so happy and I hope they make you happy too :).

Posy ingredients: Sunflower; Amaranthus; Little Gem; Snapdragon; Lisianthus; Disbud.

Flower markets are closed on Thursday (ANZAC Day) so there are limited posies available until I can head to the market again on Friday. You can order them here. Also, I realised that my discount codes for my prints, greeting cards and wedding package didn't have the right button clicked and so it expired to soon. That's all fixed and ready to go. You can find the discount codes here :).

Happy Wednesday posy people and have a safe time away if you're heading away for the long weekend.

xo rose

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