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How I got here

Howdy flower lovers,

Last week I shared 10 things about myself you didn't know about me. This week I wanted to share a little bit about how I got into the flower industry. It hasn't been that long actually. In 2015 I completed my degree in Health Science (Health Promotion) and over the Summer break I was going to be involved in a research program as I had plans to begin my Master of Research in 2016. I was thinking PhD you guys!

Graduation photo

Image: This is me on graduation day. It was super duper hot and I was in desperate need of food hahaha. Boy, graduation day is such a long day!

At the same time, Brendan my husband asked me if I could help him with his business Bear Deer Fox. He has been so wonderful in supporting me in anything I've wanted to do that I couldn't say no. In fact I have been studying for longer than three years—Did I tell you I have a Diploma in Social Science too?—and I really did need a break!

So I stopped my studies and Brendan suggested that I learn something creative. He suggested baking or or Floristry. I love flowers but I never thought I would do Floristry. But I stayed up all night researching courses and found that living down in the South of New South Wales that Pearsons School of Floristry was the place for me. I absolutely loved it and now flowers are my jam. But I don't want to be any ordinary Florist. I want to engage with people and use Floristry for good. There is a dark side to this industry with competitiveness and such that I have no interest in being a part of. Flowers bring goodness and joy and whilst money is important, so is my character.

I am by no means an expert. I'm learning each day and I want to create a community of flower appreciators in which we can gather, create and enjoy. I hope you do too.

What do you want to see from me as a Florist?

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