I really, really love Christmas time. It's a special time of year, which has it's own beautiful and unique aura. At the same time, for some it's a sad and stressful time of year. As I was driving around one day, I got to thinking about how much flowers change my mood for the better. I love the way they look, smell and even feel. I want others to get joy from them too. It's part of the reason I became a Florist. 


I often think about how nice it would be if someone came home after a long day out and saw a bunch of flowers for them on their doorstep. Not knowing who it came from or not expecting anyone to be thinking of them.  

As Christmas was encroaching I came up with the idea of a Secret Santa Giveaway. Each week leading up to Christmas we would give away one of our Posy PETITE's to someone in the Illawarra or Southern Highlands region. People would privately—via email or direct message on Instagram—nominate someone they knew who was in need of some floral holiday cheer and explain why. The trick was that they couldn't nominate themselves. It became then, an opportunity to look outside of ourselves and our own very real problems, and look outward.

I really love this idea. It has been wonderful to see that people recognise the efforts or hardships of others around them. It's a small and simple act I fell privileged to be a part of. Spreading Christmas cheer to just one person is all you need to do. 

I hope to continue our Secret Santa Giveaway each year.

xo rose