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Winter sale continues

Good morning flower friends,

Wow, what a crisp morning! I can't say it was easy waking up at 4am when I had a very warm and cosy bed encouraging me to stay in, but I ignored it and got up haha.

That's right my friends, the Winter sale continues with $25 PETITE posies. Next week is the last week for posies and then I'm on a one month break and will be back in August! You can still order Everlasting posies; Fine Art Floral Prints; custom orders over $100 and blank Floral Greeting Cards, just not fresh flower posies :).

Posy ingredients: Disbud; Carnation; Lisianthus; Viburnum; Monstera; Leucadendron and Teasel.

A close up of the Monstera leaf. So pretty. She should last between 10-15 days (maybe even longer if you keep the water fresh!)

If you'd like to order a posy, you can do so here. I have only a few left as for some reason this week, people were quick to buy, which is awesome for me. As a small business, this means so so much! Thank you! Have a fab week everyone. Only two more sleeps until the weekend, yay!

xo rose

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