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What's in season?

Heya flower friends!

I've been dividing my time lately between painting walls (carpet/floorboards is next) as we're moving house soon and family time, as coming from a big family there are a tonne of birthdays at the moment, argh haha! I was hoping to get more #APRflowerEd segments in but I'm stretched at the moment and so it'll just be one per week until things settle down :).

Another round of "What's in season?" This time we have beautiful Waratahs or Telopea, Stock, Eriostemon which is more like greenery with some flowers dotted along the stems, Berzelia and Rice Flower. Both Telopea and Berzelia are natives but Berzelia is native to South Africa, not Australia as some may think! Rice Flower aka Sago Bush is gorgeous! One stem has smaller offshoots with dense clusters of tiny flower heads at the top that look like little pearls and open into little flowers as they mature. They're also great for drying. I just make sure the stems are dry before tying with string or reuse a rubber band and hang them upside down. They're pretty easy to dry!

P.S. Keep an eye out for the return of the one design posy! Unfortunately I can't commit to every week and so for now it'll be once a month on the first week of every month... except this month will be next week! But $37 posies will return! and I'll have the dates available listed so it's easy to pick. If you're on my mailing list you'll get first dibs :). Have a fab week everyone.

xo rose


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