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What’s in season?

Hello my flower friends!

As the weekend approaches I just wanted to share some FlowerEd (Flower Education)! This post is just a quick one. I’m trying to share weekly #APRflowerEd and once I get on a roll I hope to share something on a particular day each week.

Today I'm sharing a handful of cut flowers that are in season at the moment which might come in handy if you head to your local farmers market or wind up in a florist shop this weekend. And it's just good to know and be able to refer to at a later date :). These are some of my fave flowers right here.

You can pin this to a folder on Pinterest to refer to later or save this on Instagram also. I hope you find this handy and it would be awesome if you came across any of these beauties over the weekend—let me know if you do! Have a fab weekend.

xo rose


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