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Pressed Flower Frames + 10% off!

Hello beautiful flower lovers :)

It seems lately that time just keeps slipping between my fingers and I feel I'm about 2 weeks behind, argh! BUT I've finally been able to find some time to add these Pressed Flower Frame beauties (and more) onto my website, yay! There's only one of each design (it's a timely, fiddly process) but I can also make custom ones. I have only about a handful up online and once they're gone, that's it until I make more. I've created a discount code for you only and so if you add PRESSED10 you'll receive 10% off (yay!)

Some of the beauties available:

I'm leaving for Japan next week (busiest time of year to decide to holiday *forehead slap) and I'm not ready at all! I'll be back the week before Christmas to deliver wreaths and any Everlasting posies/wreaths and I may even add some Christmas Bush to that list. We shall see! If you'd like to pre-order a Wreath, you can do so here and if you'd like to snag a Pressed Flower Frame, you can do that here :).

I'll be back on here tomorrow with the last fresh flower posy design for 2019 (what the!?).

xo rose

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