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Last week of Sale

Hello flower friends,

That's right, this is the last week you can purchase a $25 PETITE posy before I am on a month's break :). This week, I fell in love with this colour Protea and knew this one would make people smile when they saw it. That's the beauty of flowers! Love having the rain as it means our local flowers grow..

Petite Posy delivery
Posy ingredients: Protea Venus; Lisianthus; Chamelaucium; Chryssie; Anthurium; Eucalyptus Gum

All other sizes are available too. If you'd really like to make a statement, you can find the link here. I've had some wonderful orders for baby showers and such that I'll be sharing on here soon. If you'd like to see more tutorials on anything, let me know! have a fab week everyone.

xo rose

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