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Happy posies

Good morning posy lovers,

It's another gorgeous, gorgeous day! There's definitely a happiness buzz I'm feeling in the air and it's one of the things I LOVE about Spring/Summer. In this week's posy design I have Tea Tree, Little Gem Magnolia leaves, Ranunculus, Disbud, Stock, Carnation and Delphinium.

The Ranunculus aren't the longest lasting flower but they're so, so gorgeous with their ruffles and it's in season for only a little while! Four or five days and if you're lucky enough, they can stay fresh a little longer. Side note: they're fantastic for weddings.

Spring posies

These posies have a very Spring vibe and the flower Stock is sweetly fragranced. It is definitely one of my most favourite scents. If you'd like to surprise someone with a posy, you can order a posy here. I hope it's a great week for you all.

xo rose

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