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Happy Mother's Day

Happiest Mother's Day to all the Mamas out there of every kind and special virtual hugs to those who are missing a loved one on this day. It can be a happy, sad, mixed emotions kind of time and I want to take a minute to say I see you <3. I feel so blessed to have been surrounded by, taught and loved by my own Mother, my sisters, my angel sister in heaven, my husband's Oma and all my mother-figures.

I wrote this poem last year when I was thinking about all the mama figures in my life who've helped and continue to help me to bloom. I try to sit in gratitude for the special people in my life but I also enjoy the reminders we have throughout the year to stop, reflect and say thank you.

You help me bloom

It has been a crazy week leading up to Mother's Day and I wanted to leave this poem, my thoughts and some beauties that went out to our special mamas this week:

Wishing you all a beautiful day!

xo rose

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