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Flower care: Helleborus

Hello my dear flower friends!

How can we be nearing the end of August already, argh! It feels like a thousand years in one and like time has been slow all at once. I'm back with some #APRflowerEd and this time it's all about the beautiful Helleborus, aka Winter Rose, aka Lenten Rose.

But before I get into that, don't forget about my 20% off Winter sale which is site wide!! If you've had your eye on something, now is the perfect time to snag a goodie :).

Now back to the gorgeous Hellebores. Aren't they just gorgeous!? I'm loving seeing them in people's gardens at the moment. If you have any, why not cut them and add them to a vase. You can try any or all of the methods below to keep them from drooping, or just enjoy as is *heart eyes. I have found, as with most flowers that red, maroon, burgundy or purple flowers in any flower type tend to last the longest. But I haven't fully tested this out yet, it's just purely my observation :).

Everything that I know is all in this infographic but would love to hear from you if you have some knowledge to share—whether on Insta, Facebook or my email, wherever!

Well I hope you have a fabulous week! Don't forget that you can save the Insta version into a folder on Insta and that you call also pin this pic onto a Pinterest board to refer back to! I find it handy to do :).

xo rose


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