Bright and Sunny posies

Good morning posy lovers,

We've made it to Wednesday and the weekend is night at hand ! I had a crazy weekend with three weddings I assisted with. They were gorgeous weddings with Brides who looove flowers. Lovely, lush installations and arbours and one had 10m of aisle flowers on each side ! I think I just had a bouquet at my wedding haha.

This week's posy design was inspired by the colour yellow. I think that due to the lack of sleep I've had lately, I woke up feeling a little blue and not quite myself. So when I saw the yellow Sunflowers and smelt the Stock as I walked past the stand they were on, I knew this was the colour palette. It really did lift my spirits. Does colour affect you like that?

Posy ingredients: Sunflower; Pincushion; Gladioli; Chamelaucium; Little Gem; Spray Chryssie; and Stock

I try my best to make each weekly arrangement different, whilst also selecting longer lasting flowers and bigger flowers to get more bang for your buck ! I get worried that I get repetitive with the ingredients, but I'm pretty in love with this bunch and as the seasons change, so too do the flowers. How lucky we are to have such beauty! If you know someone who might be feeling blue (maybe that's you), these will surely make them feel brighter. You can click here to order a posy in PETITE, DE LUXE and GRANDE.

Have a great week you guys.

xo rose

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