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Cake smash with flower crown

Hey my flower friends,

I hope you're having a relaxing weekend (does anyone do this anymore?! haha). I just wanted to show you some images from my recent photo shoot and crown session (this is a service I offer now, which you can read more about here). It was a cake smash for a one year old. Are you into the cake smash or are you over it?! I love a good cake smash.. mostly because I love cake haha.

The flower crown was made with a mix of dried and fresh materials. I especially loved the Bougainvillea. It's definitely one of my favourite plants.

flower crown

flower crown

These images were taken at home in the dining and then we moved into the garden for better lighting. I travelled there with my little kit and was able to find a lovely little space for photos. The best part of the cake smash was that she didn't like chocolate cake and was unimpressed by it haha. Honestly, she just wanted breastmilk! But I was still able to get some good images. Would love to know what you think :)

xo rose

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