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Posy Delivery

Hello flower friends,

I have been terrible with my mailing list and have recommitted myself to giving you much needed attention. I'll start with letting you see first, this week's posies all made up pretty and ready for delivery, yay ! The first flower I picked at the flower market were the roses. They have a vintage look to them and subtle, sweet scent and as they age will look more beautiful. Then I picked the other flowers I thought would compliment them and of course brighten someone's day.

This week's posy design

Featuring: Disbud, Chrysanthemum, Roses, Alstromaeria, Eucalyptus Gum & silver

Just a refresher, posies are PETITE ($35); DE LUXE ($65); and GRANDE ($100) including delivery for all. Click here if you'd like to send a flower hug to someone in need of one... and that includes you ;). Flowers really do have special healing powers and I feel so thankful that I can spread joy around each week.

I'll leave it here to keep it simple. As always, I'd love to hear from you and welcome any suggestions you might have.

Talk soon,

xo rose

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