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Southern Highlands Wedding Florist Bowral Wedding Florist 

Wollongong flower delivery Bowral flower delivery
Wollongong flower delivery Bowral flower delivery


CUT stems (approx. 2cm) on a 45° angle with sharp cutters and place in a vase with CLEAN water.
AWAY from direct sunlight, heating devices and AWAY fruit is best.
REMOVE damaged/dead leaves, flowers or petals and REMOVE any leaves below the water line.
EMPTY water every 2-3 days and repeat flower CARE until the END of flower life.
Please be mindful that I work with nature and there are some things I just can't control. Don't fret though, because below is an acronym I created to help you care for your beautiful blooms and get the best result.
NOTE Leaves usually die earlier than the actual flower so go ahead and remove them and continue to enjoy your flowers.
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